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Consulting department

Management consulting is a unique way to make money in financial markets. It is intended to work closely with the financial advisor from and ensure excellent profitability results. This type of trading is recommended for investors who do not yet have much experience in trading on stock exchanges, but want to independently manage their capital and make intelligent decisions about transactions.

How does it work?

All analytical work within the consulting department is carried out by employees. They observe market trends, follow the news and make predictions. They also monitor the client’s personal account and give him recommendations for further action. All you need to do is answer the phone call from the manager of your portfolio, listen to a reasoned investment idea (the consultant will offer several options for managing capital, hedging and security conditions) and make a decision. If you do not want to accept the proposal of your consultant, tell him about it, and he will develop corrections or a completely new idea for you. Benefits of management consulting:

  • Individual investment portfolios
  • Continuous analytics
  • Timely recommendations
  • Unique learning opportunity
  • Effective risk management
  • Independence in decision making

How does a client communicate with a personal financial adviser?

By phone.At a fixed time, with a certain frequency, the portfolio manager calls the client by phone to discuss the current situation and further actions. They can call without prior consultation with the client if the consultant has current investment ideas;

SMS recommendations.If desired, customers of the company can choose SMS messages as a way to receive recommendations and investment ideas from personal financial advisors. SMS messages are sent to the client’s personal number;

Email For a long time, clients receive ready-made investment solutions in the form of files sent to the client’s personal email address. These files already contain specific prices for the purchase/sale of shares

What is the starting capital suitable for consulting management trading?

We are well aware of the importance of the safety of funds. Therefore, in order for you to be convinced of the profitability of professional approach investments and understand the intricacies of market mechanisms, we are ready to provide consulting services without limiting the minimum threshold of the initial investment. You can start with any minimum amount.

However, you should understand that minimal investment assets do not allow using all market opportunities, both in terms of profitability and in terms of protection against risks. Thus, for example, minimum assets do not allow working with liquid securities worth more than $ 100. Therefore, and based on the fact that our income depends on yours, we will inevitably offer you to expand your investment portfolio and become a VIP client of the Company

What profit can you expect?

We do not promise profits, we predict the most possible scenarios. Market trends vary from week to week, but thanks to a well-constructed approach to the development of investment strategies, we constantly expect a yield of 2.5 to 12.7 percent per quarter (90 days). Yield for the quarter may exceed 15%, but based on statistics from the last two years, we cannot provide such data

Benefits of management consulting

We distinguish four main advantages of management consulting, which make this type of service the most profitable and, accordingly, the most popular among our clients.

  • Client’s portfolio management
  • Continuous interaction with the portfolio manager
  • Full transparency of all operations
  • Specific investment recommendations

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