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About us

Investment company “LBC Capital” is a product of a great history!

LBC CAPITAL is founded by professional traders with many years of experience in Forex and Stock markets. The main task of the company is to provide services that meet the needs of customers.

Company’s history

  • Start
  • Admission
  • Full regulation
  • Growing up
  • “Human Factor”
  • Gaining new power
  • Who are we now ?!
  • New markets

District of Columbia 2008

On the enthusiasm of opportunities created by the global financial crisis, a small but very educated, experienced and goal-oriented team assembled by professionals of the business, partners in the past and well-known among themselves, born leaders without hesitation good reputation of an investment company) LBC CAPITAL PARTNERS LLC.

Later in 2008

the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the main body exercising the oversight and regulation functions of the US stock market, assigns LBC CAPITAL PARTNERS LLC identification number 008-67990 and introduces it to the brokerage companies.

Also in 2008

the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FINRA), the largest independent regulator for all US securities companies, assigns LBC CAPITAL PARTNERS LLC member status and registers CRD #: 148245.

Then, 7 years

of successful activity followed which resulted in the company serving more than 25,000 customers for a total amount in excess of $ 1 Billion, received various awards for good management, for the best trading strategy of the month, for the favorable work environment for employees and much more.


in the wake of success, how it ussually happens, the relationship between the partners ceased to be the same due to disagreements over development strategies, money management, profit utilization, as well as some big ambitions, partners decided to split and go each his way. As a result, to the great regret for the majority of employees, many investors and some of the partners, LBC CAPITAL PARTNERS LLC ceases to operate. Less than half a year later, it is completely eliminated.

Later, in 2015

returning home to the UK, Landon Butler, one of the founders of the defunct LBC CAPITAL PARTNERS LLC, together with other investors, with the help of very ambitious former employees, bases LBC Capital to work on the European securities market.

The investment company “LBC Capital”

is a team of specialists with ten years of experience in the field of financial markets and the successful history of LBC Capital in 2015 began with them. To date, these are 300 experts in the field of currency, commodity and stock and stock markets of the USA, Europe and Russia, whose knowledge enables us to provide the highest level of services provided.

On the enthusiasm of success

in the EU countries, LBC Capital sets itself new goals as part of the company’s development strategy, opens access to the Moscow Stock Exchange in 2019, and also provides brokerage services and securities management consulting services to all interested customers from Russia, thus – LBC Capital One of the few companies in Russia that provides full support for the work of clients on the US, Europe and Russia stock exchanges, starting with the generation of investment ideas, analytical support and ending with support in accounting for trades s operations and the advice of experts.

Infographics by numbers

Number of employees

Active clients

12 543
17 505
21 390

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